NFL preseason 2019 schedule: Times, dates, TV channels for every game, week by week

NFL teams have answered to preparing camp and the arrival of football is tantalizingly close, notwithstanding if the games tally or not.

While huge numbers of the NFL’s greatest stars may play only a couple of arrangement through the span of about a month, the preseason fills in as our first taste of football and a last shot for periphery players hoping to make the 53-man list for Week 1 of the normal season.

With CBA arrangements progressing and the ebb and flow form of the understanding set to lapse after the 2020 season, this could conceivably be one of the last seasons that teams play four preseason games with players and proprietors purportedly having exchanges to decrease the measure of presentation games so as to protract the customary season.

The preseason enables fans to encounter a gameday climate in a NFL arena at a discounted cost, however it will likewise include three games at one of a kind areas with the Falcons and Broncos playing in Canton, Ohio (Aug. 1), the Cowboys and Raiders in Honolulu (Aug. 15) and the Seahawks and Packers in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Aug. 24).

The following is the full timetable for each seven day stretch of the 2019 NFL preseason, just as how to observe each game.

When does 2019 NFL preseason start, end?

  • Start date: Thursday, Aug. 1
  • End date: Thursday, Aug. 29

The NFL’s half year offseason finishes on Thursday, Aug. 1 when the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos meet in Tom Benson Stadium in Canton, Ohio, for the yearly Hall of Fame Game. The Class of 2019 reverence service pursues two days after the fact.

While the Falcons and Broncos will play five preseason games, the other 30 teams play four each, with the last games wrapping up Aug. 29.

The normal season commences Sept. 5 with a Thursday night game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

How to watch NFL preseason games on TV

Starting with the Hall of Fame game included on NBC, a select number of preseason games every week will be indicated broadly on NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN and NFL Network. NFL Network will indicate 13 live preseason games (subject to nearby power outage limitations), just as re-air each of the 65 games sooner or later before the customary season starts. NFL Game Pass – accessible for $99.99 – gives live access to each preseason game, just as replays of each game.

Broadly broadcast games on NBC, Fox, CBS and NFL Network can likewise be spilled live utilizing fuboTV, which offers a free seven-day preliminary.

Subtleties of national and neighborhood TV inclusion for every preseason game are incorporated into the tables beneath. National games are bolded.

NFL preseason schedule: Week 1

Thursday, Aug. 1 (Hall of Fame Game)

GameTime (ET)TV
Atlanta Falcons vs. Denver Broncos (Canton, Ohio)8 p.m.NBC, fuboTV

Thursday, Aug. 8

GameTime (ET)TV
Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills7 p.m.WKBW, WXIN
New York Jets at New York Giants7 p.m.NFL Network, WNBC, fuboTV
Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens7:30 p.m. WBAL, WJAX
Washington Redskins at Cleveland Browns7:30 p.m. WRC, WEWS
New England Patriots at Detroit Lions7:30 p.m. WJBK, WBZ
Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins 7:30 p.m. WFOR, WUPA
Tennessee Titans at Philadelphia Eagles7:30 p.m. WKRN, WCAU
Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears 8 p.m.WSOC, WFLD
Houston Texans at Green Bay Packers8 p.m.WTMJ, KTRK
Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals10 p.m.NFL Network, KPNX, KABC, fuboTV
Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks10 p.m. KING, KTVD

Friday, Aug. 9

GameTime (ET)TV
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Pittsburgh Steelers7:30 p.m.NFL Network, KDKA, WTSP, WFTV, fuboTV
Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints8 p.m. KMSP, WVUE

Saturday, Aug. 10

GameTime (ET)TV
Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs8 p.m. WKRC, KCTV
Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders8 p.m.KTVU, KCBS
Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers9 p.m.NFL Network, KPIX, KTVT, fuboTV

NFL preseason schedule: Week 2

Thursday, Aug. 15

GameTime (ET)TV
Philadelphia Eagles at Jacksonville Jaguars7 p.m.WJAX, WCAU
New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons7:30 p.m.WCBS, WUPA
Green Bay Packers at Baltimore Ravens7:30 p.m.WBAL, WTMJ
Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins7:30 p.m.WKRC, WRC
Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals8 p.m.ESPN, fuboTV

Friday, Aug. 16

GameTime (ET)TV
Buffalo Bills at Carolina Panthers7 p.m.WKBW, WSOC
Chicago Bears at New York Giants7:30 p.m.NFL Network, WNBC, WFLD, fuboTV
Miami Dolphins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers7:30 p.m.WFOR, WTSP, WFTV

Saturday, Aug. 17

GameTime (ET)TV
Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts4 p.m.NFL Network, WEWS, fuboTV
New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans7 p.m.WBZ, WKRN
Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers7:30 p.m. NFL Network, KCTV, KDKA, fuboTV
Detroit Lions at Houston Texans 8 p.m.WJBK, KTRK
Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams (at Honolulu)10 p.m. NFL Network, KTVT, KCBS, fuboTV

Sunday, Aug. 18

GameTime (ET)TV
New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers4 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings8 p.m.Fox, fuboTV
San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos8 p.m.ESPN

NFL preseason schedule: Week 3

Thursday, Aug. 22

GameTime (ET)TV
New York Giants at Cincinnati Bengals7 p.m.WKRC, WNBC
Washington Redskins at Atlanta Falcons7:30 p.m.WRC, WUPA
Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots7:30 p.m.WBZ, WSOC
Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles7:30 p.m.WBAL, WCAU
Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins8 p.m.Fox, fuboTV
Green Bay Packers vs. Oakland Raiders (at Winnipeg)8 p.m.KTVU, WTMJ

Friday, Aug. 23

GameTime (ET)TV
Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers7:30 p.m.WEWS, WTSP, WFTV
Buffalo Bills at Detroit Lions8 p.m.CBS, fuboTV

Saturday, Aug. 24

GameTime (ET)TV
Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings1 p.m.NFL Network, KPNX, fuboTV
Houston Texans at Dallas Cowboys7 p.m.NFL Network, KTVT, KTRK, fuboTV
Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts7 p.m.WXIN, WFLD
New Orleans Saints at New York Jets7:30 p.m.WVUE, WCBS
San Francisco 49ers at Kansas City Chiefs8 p.m.KPIX, KCTV
Denver Broncos at Los Angeles Rams9 p.m.KTVD, KCBS
Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers10 p.m.NFL Network, KABC, fuboTV

Sunday, Aug. 25

GameTime (ET)TV
Pittsburgh Steelers at Tennessee Titans8 p.m.NBC, fuboTV

NFL preseason schedule: Week 4

Thursday, Aug. 29

GameTime (ET)TV
Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills7 p.m.WKBW, KMSP
Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers7 p.m.KDKA, WSOC
Indianapolis Colts at Cincinnati Bengals7 p.m.WXIN, WKRC
Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars7 p.m.WJAX, WUPA
Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets7 p.m.NFL Network, WCBS, WCAU, fuboTV
Detroit Lions at Cleveland Browns7:30 p.m.WEWS, WJBK
New York Giants at New England Patriots7:30 p.m.WNBC, WBZ
Baltimore Ravens at Washington Redskins7:30 p.m.WBAL, WRC
Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears8 p.m.WFLD, WKRN
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys8 p.m.KTVT, WTSP, WFTV
Kansas City Chiefs at Green Bay Packers8 p.m.WTMJ, KCTV
Los Angeles Rams at Houston Texans8 p.m.KCBS, KTRK
Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints8 p.m.WVUE, WFOR
Arizona Cardinals at Denver Broncos9 p.m.KTVD, KPNX
Los Angeles Chargers at San Francisco 49ers10 p.m.NFL Network, KPIX, KABC, fuboTV
Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks10 p.m.KING, KTVU

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