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Google web search is one of the best search engines on the web/internet. Many search engines available like Bring, DuckDuckGo,, AOL Search,, Yandex & Yahoo!

Google Search Icon

Google Search Icon

  • Site name: Google Web Search
  • Site Url:
  • Site type/category: Web search engine
  • Language: English (149 languages)
  • Country: Worldwide (USA)
  • Launched: 1997
  • Alexa Rank: 1st (Worldwide)
  • Domain Age: 1998|11|11 (Web Archive)
  • Backlink: 9.39B

Company History

Google Web Search Belongs to Google LLC. Google LLC is a web-based successful business company in the USA. They provide their products to worldwide web users. Google LLC company headquarters are available in USA. Alphabet Inc is the parent company of Google LLC. Google LLC has many subsidies or products, there are:

For business
For developers
  • App Testing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Devices
  • Engagement
  • Game Services
  • Growth
  • Maps + Location
  • Messaging + Notifications
  • Monetization
  • Monitoring
  • Payments
  • Sign in + Identity
  • Storage + Sync

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google web search logo

Google logo

How to google web search works

People are looking for any query in google search. Google collects information related to those quires and puts the best result on the google search result page.

How they collect information

When people search on google search. Google bot currently visit website-related queries. And get the best result for a user.

Is Google Search paid?

No, Google search is not paid. Not only google search, But the Maximum number of Google products is also free. So users can use google search for free.

What is the vision and mission of google web search?

Google wants to provide user-friendly and 100% real information to its users. They become trustful and helpful.

Google Vision Review

We suggest using google search. Because they provide the best result. So, we love to google search engine.

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